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00736: FLEXlm Nag Mode and Background Processes


FLEXlm Nag Mode and Background Processes


PRO/5 requires that a “tty” device be available to receive nag messages. 

In situations where PRO/5 may be run from a shell and placed in the background with standard input and/or standard output redirected, PRO/5 will attempt to send nag messages to standard error. 

Standard error must be one of the following: 
1. a tty device, 
2. the process controlling the tty if one exists, 
3. lastly it will attempt to open /dev/console in write mode 

If all of these devices fail, PRO/5 will exit and return a value of -70. 



1. Obtain a valid license. 

2. Redirect standard error to a terminal device. 

3. Widen write permissions for the /dev/console device. However, doing this could have significant security implications. 

Last Modified: 12/31/2001 Product: License Manager Operating System: UNIX

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