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Jar Registration and Licensing

Problem Description

Running client object code without registering the jar containing the classes or running without a SAM (Software Asset Management) license causes BBj to display periodic nags that make reference to licensing and jar registration.


To prevent BBj from nagging when running client object code, one of the following needs to be true: 1) the jar containing the class being invoked as a client object must be registered for a version less than or equal to the version of the license, or 2) the user needs to run a current SAM license.

1. Jar Registration

When jar registration is used, the registration version must be less than or equal to the user’s license. For example, if the user is running a version 13 license and the jar is registered for version 11, client object code using classes from the jar will run without a nag.

If for any reason the user needs to make changes to the classes in the jar, the user will also need to re-register the jar in order for the jar to work.The automatic jar registration process always registers a jar for the same version as the last two digits of the current year. For example, if the developer of the jar changed the jar in 2013, the jar will be registered as version 13. Since the user is running with a version 13 license, the client object code will still continue to run without a nag.

Two years later, if the user is still running a version 13 license but a change needs to be made to the jar again, the jar will be registered as version 15. In order to continue to run the client object code without getting a nag, the user must upgrade the license to version 15.

If the user’s license should expire, nags will occur when running client object code.


2. SAM Licensing

SAM licensing does not require registered jars in order for client object code to run without a nag. If the SAM license should expire for any reason, including failure to renew due to lack of an Internet connection, the user will experience nags from client object code for as long as the license is expired. Once the license is successfully renewed, the nags will disappear. To renew SAM or add SAM to a license, contact BASIS Sales at info@basis.cloud.

How to Verify That Client Object Code is not Nagging

Suppose you have a jar named clientobjects.jar with a class named com.you.ClientObject. You will need to know how to invoke a constructor or otherwise create an instance of this class. Also suppose that this class contains a method named callMethod().


To determine whether you will get a nag for running classes from this jar as ClientObjects, run a simple program like the following:


use com.you.ClientObject

declare ClientObject@ obj!


obj!=new ClientObject@()





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