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00627: How to prevent BBx for Novell from destroying an existing print capture


How to prevent BBx for Novell from destroying an existing print capture


When a Novell BBx prints to an nspooled printer alias, it may terminate any preexisting captures for that printer. Behind the scenes, when BBx addresses an nspooled printer, it instantiates a capture on the local printer port to ensure that it will be able to send the output to the spooled printer. After the print job is complete, BBx will destroy the capture.


To ensure that the capture remains after printing, there are two options: 

1) Use the DIRECT mode on the printer alias line. This causes BBx to send the print job directly to the Novell print queue, which will bypass the capture entirely. Because of this, it will no longer destroy the capture. This was implemented in later P4 (around 2.4) and P5. 

2) If using an earlier version of P4, another solution is to add an EXECOFF mode on the alias line that will restore the capture. As the EXECOFF mode allows you to specify an OS command or program to run after closing the printer, the alias line could have an EXECOFF mode that ran the capture command. For more information regarding the EXECOFF mode, see the Installation and Configuration Guide under Printer Configuration.

Last Modified: 02/13/1998 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Novell

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