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BBj 24.00 CSS Custom Properties and Component Changes

There are significant changes to the DWC’s CSS custom properties, element names, and default CSS classes in BBj 24.00.

CSS Custom Properties Changes

All CSS custom property names that started with “--bbj-*” have been changed to “--dwc-*” in BBj 24.00. Because over 500 custom properties have changed, those who have developed DWC applications before the official release of BBj 24.00 will notice many CSS definitions are no longer recognized. To resolve this issue, you should replace all instances of “--bbj-*” with “--dwc-*” in your CSS files.

Component Name Changes

All component names that started with “bbj-” have been changed to start with “dwc-“.

Additionally, the following components have been renamed to align with DWC naming conventions:

Before BBj 24.00 After BBj 24.00
bbj-busy dwc-loading
bbj-cedit dwc-textarea
bbj-editbox dwc-field
bbj-editbox-spinner dwc-field-spinner
bbj-inputd dwc-datefield
bbj-inputd-spinner dwc-datefield-spinner
bbj-inpute dwc-textfield
bbj-inpute-spinner dwc-textfield-spinner
bbj-inputn dwc-numberfield
bbj-inputn-spinner dwc-numberfield-spinner
bbj-inputt dwc-timefield
bbj-inputt-spinner dwc-timefield-spinner
bbj-list dwc-listbox
bbj-list-button dwc-choicebox
bbj-list-edit dwc-combobox
bbj-tabs-edit dwc-tabbed-pane

Default CSS Classes

By default, DWC apps will no longer add CSS classes corresponding to BBj objects. For example, before BBj 24.00, a BBjButton would have the BBjButton class, and could be targeted with the CSS selector .BBjButton. After BBj 24.00, that CSS selector will no longer work. If necessary, you can configure the BBjWebManager to add these classes by setting the dwc.class attribute to true, as in the following code:

rem ' set legacy BBj className values when running in DWC.

if info(3,6)=”6″ then



Additional Resources

If you are developing DWC applications with BBj versions earlier than 24.00, you can find the earlier version of the DWC documentation here:


The current (post-24.00) DWC documentation is available here:


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