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00145: Error 17, TCB(10)=-15 or -21, when creating a file


Error 17, TCB(10)=-15 or -21, when creating a file


BBx under Novell/Windows/DOS networks will attempt to create the file in all of the drives that are mapped and not dsksyn’d in the config.bbx file. 


Verify that ALL drives are being dsksyn’d except the current drive for BBx, the local PC drive, and any valid drive where BBx related data or programs are located. 

Example config.bbx file: 
        dsksyn a: 
        dsksyn b: 
        #dsksyn c: 
        dsksyn d: 
        dsksyn e: 
        #dsksyn f: 
        dsksyn z: 

Last Modified: 12/29/1997 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Windows, Novell, MS DosError Number: 17 OS Error: 15,21

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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