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01130: "Why did my license expire?" and other common questions regarding licenses.
01227: BASIS auto registration process cannot connect to BASIS to get a new license.
01147: Facetterm issue with tty's on Fedora Core 5
01215: FLEXlm -114 Unable to check out license after upgrading
00283: How to add new users to an existing BBx license
00960: How to find out your BASIS product Serial Number
01204: How to obtain product licenses from two separate BASIS License Managers
01184: How to request a Demo License
00942: Must be in "Install Mode" error message
01154: What BASIS products and operating systems cannot use the new composite hostid?

KB - Jetty Webserver: HTTP code 403 (Forbidden) shown for symbolically linked Document Base Directories
KB - Licenses Can Be Exhausted from Bots Crawling BBJSP Pages
KB - Sharing BBj Custom Object
KB - JVM GC Arguments, Java 11 vs Java 8
KB - BDT's Interim Performance Modes
KB - Managing Notifications About Bug and Enhancement Changes
KB - Unresponsive Thin Client
KB - How Check BASIS Eclipse Plug-in Versions
KB - BASIS Example Certificate Authority
KB - Query Analysis Prevents BBjServices Starting
KB - Collapsing Licenses Multihomed Windows System
KB - Restrict Java Web Start Clients to Specific JVM Versions
KB - Web Start "Application Blocked" Solutions 
KB - OpenSSL and BASIS Products 
KB - Configuring Web Start During a BBj Installation
KB - New Oracle Signed JNLP Property Requirements
KB - Re-signing BBj's Web Start Jar for Branding
KB - Certificate Options for Web Start
KB - Coordinating Application Development and Testing BBj Release Cycle
KB - Voting in Bugzilla
KB - Excessive BBj Logging on Last Day of the Year (December 31)
KB - Jar Registration and Licensing
KB - Auto Licensing Failed to Return a New License
KB - What It Means That Java 8 Drops Support for ODBC Connections From Java (and thus BBj)
KB - BASIS License Manager (BLM) 18 Installation Instructions
KB - SCALL examples for VPRO/5 and BBj
KB - Using Modified Third Party Jars in BBj
KB - Effective Problem Reports and Feature Requests
KB - Creating Bugzilla Reports
KB - BASIS Support for Java Releases
KB - Licensing when migrating to a new server
KB - Removal of Fonts from JDK 11
KB - How Thin Clients and Desktop Apps Work
KB - Migrating to BBJ 19.10
KB - Enterprise Manager Fails to Load
KB - Vulnerability in Apache Log4j Library
KB - BASIS and Oracle Java Licensing
KB - License Issues - how to get support
KB - How to configure a backup license when using the BASIS License Server (BLS)
KB - PRO/5 Data Server as a Visual PRO/5 Print Server
KB - NoHostIDAvailable
KB - Manual Barista BUS Download/Update Process
KB - KB (V)PRO/5 Rev 22 fails to start

00901: BBj and BBj ODBC Driver gets "Required connection information missing. Unable to connect"
01237: How to handle MySQL with 0000-00-00 dates
01106: MS Access Error message: The decimal field's precision is too small to accept the numeric you attempted to add.
01143: Tips for BBj and using SourceForge jTDS JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server and other third party JDBC Databases.
01238: Unale to Get Table list BAD HEADER
00898: Y2K Window value does not stay set.

00796: "ISAM Error" running ODBC
00649: 'Date Column Suffix' of ODBC Administrator Data Source Setup is Case Sensitive
00495: 'Execute error: Invalid String Size' error when using the ODBC Driver
00263: 'I/O error during save' error when creating a Data Source via Microsoft Query
00288: 'No Such Table in Catalog' error with the ODBC Driver
00683: [Basis ODBC Error] Sql Syntx error 1
00665: An SQL query in MS Access results in ' #Name?' in every field
00302: Can the ODBC driver lock a record?
00864: Cannot configure the BBj ODBC driver after install
00727: Debug Assertion Error after Installing ODBC Driver Rev 2.02
00298: Error -7747 in MS Access
00500: Error message with CTL3D32.DLL when installing the ODBC Driver on Windows NT 4
00406: How to create a Data Source correctly with ODBC Administrator 3.x and higher
00571: How to display JULIAN dates in other formats via the ODBC Driver
00318: How to ensure that queries via the 1.1 ODBC Driver are optimized for speed
00821: How to set ODBC Driver logging levels without using the ODBC Administrator.
00319: How to speed up queries in Access via the BASIS ODBC Driver
00661: Information on the ODBC code translator option
00293: Installation problems with the ODBC driver
00873: Invalid Operand error message with ODBC Driver
00296: Joins and linking tables via the 1.x ODBC Driver
00506: List of reserved words for the 1.1 32-bit ODBC Driver and 1.0 16-bit ODBC Driver
00294: Log file types used for ODBC driver diagnostics
00511: Microsoft Office 97, ODBC 1.1
00791: ODBC Driver doesn't uninstall completely when uninstalled.
00313: Program samples demonstrating ODBC access from Visual Basic 4, 5 and 6
00620: file for 32-bit ODBC Driver, rev 1.1
00621: for 16-bit ODBC Driver, rev 1
00710: REV 2.0 ODBC Driver
00509: Reserved error (-7778) in Access when connecting to a ODBC data source
00494: SQL Date Syntax example for ODBC Driver and SQL Engine
00930: Step-by-step instructions for creating a ODBC data source under Windows
00725: What the BASIS ODBC Driver 2.02 and Visual PRO/5 2.05 fix
00311: When viewing BASIS data from Access, #NAME appears in the field headings and the data is not displayed
00771: Which revision of the BASIS ODBC Driver recognizes the new mkeyed filetypes?
00504: ODBC fserr=1, fserrs=-13, Cannot access dictionary files.
00675: Fserr=13 Unable to Open File, using the 32-Bit ODBC Driver and NFS Mount
00305: Fserr=17 when connecting to a second datasource via the ODBC Driver and Data Server
00585: ODBC Driver returns an fserr=19, fserrs=-5 when executing an SQL query
00523: Error 77 or FSERR=5, FSERRS=-21 executing an SQL SELECT with an ORDER BY or GROUP BY clause
00310: fserr=5, fserrs=-21 when connecting to a datasource via the ODBC Driver
00551: State=S1000][Error=77][BASIS] [BASIS ODBC Driver] Execute() file sytem error: fserr=5 fserrs=-21
00844: ODBC License Files and FLEXlm error -5 - Feature not Supported
00331: fserr=61, fserr=-161 when connecting to a datasource via the ODBC Driver
00563: [Basis Odbc Driver]SQL Syntax Err:1(#77) using MS Access - Can't Open Table in DataSheet view
00471: Busy/Timeout error with the ODBC Driver

01019: !ERROR=255 (java.lang.Error: Symbol recycling detected (fix your scanner).)
01210: Barista License Informaiton
01096: BASIS Product Suite Installation Fails with "Wizard cannot continue" error when installing on Fedora Linux
01110: BASIS Product Suite Throws "ISDatabase is unavailable" Exception at Beginning of Install
00953: BBj admin wizard - Cannot Select the Basis License Manager - Unix
01098: BBj Fails to Initialize on Fedora with SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) Enabled
00998: BBj hangs when starting and attempts to break out of the process cause a core dump
01057: BBj IDE under Unix not showing BBj specific file associations
00943: BBj Install - sh: There is not enough space in the file system.
01040: BBj install fails immediately under Windows
01088: BBj revision 5 Install FAQ
00975: BBj seems to be taking two licenses per system. BBj FLEXLM License error: -4: Maximum number of users reached.
00963: BBjservices will not install or not start on systems with low RAM such as 128MBs
01078: Changing default location for tmp directory for BBj
01008: Combination License FAQs
00767: Command to check whether the BBj Services are running
01136: Command to determine if JVM is a 32bit or 64bit JVM
01128: Configuring the IDE to use a specific complier per project
01192: Configuring the Client side JVM memory
01191: Configurung the BBj IDE to use an older 1.5 JVM
01102: Connecting to Oracle database from BBj
00967: Current BBj default ports for the various BBj servers
00931: Cut/Copy/Paste in BBj under Linux OS
00982: Differences between BBj Standard Edition (SE) and BBj Enterprise Edition (EE)
01201: Drag-and-Drop Not Allowed Between Two Different Applications in Vista
01169: Enabling java classes to be used as Client Objects in BBj
01150: Encryption issue with Solaris and BBJ
01228: Enterprise Manager Unable to Connect to BBjServices on Port 2002
01083: Equation evaluations are more strictly enforced with BBj than BBx or P5
01095: ERROR=69 returned when BBj PRO5 Data Server accessed incorrectly
01166: Excessive Garbage Collection pause times on large BBJ installations.
01048: Function Keys return question marks and/or graphics do not display correctly under Linux
01131: Gui screen remains after BBj session is gone
00856: Helpful Operating System Info for running Java products
01199: How do I access the BBj Pro5 Data Server?
01134: How do I deploy triggers?
01135: How do I install the BASIS IDE?
01208: How to assign a unique fid for WEB Start clients
00918: How to check if BBj is branded correctly
01230: How to Clear Java and Browser Cache for Web Applications
01055: How to configure MySQL JDBC for use by BBj
01185: How to enable WEBSTART client side logs
01127: How to generate a result set to be retuned by a Stored Procedure using direct access to data files instead of SQL
01214: How to get a list of SPROCs from a BBj program
01087: How to install BBj 5.0
01042: How to prevent the JRE from using the XP theme in BBj
00929: How to resolve a FLEXlm error -1 with BBj products
01074: How to sort a Java Hashtable
01071: IDE is not showing BBx, PRO/5 or BBj file icons
01069: Increasing performance in BBj
01045: Information about pinning programs in BBj
01183: Information regarding the types of Java Pid files
00904: Install Anywhere Troubleshooting - BBj Install
01116: Installing a newer revision of BBj on top of previous version without uninstalling may cause problems
00902: Installing BBj 1.1, WJ View Error :Could not Execute
01173: Instructions and sample JNLP to be used without a WEB Server
01189: Java 1.6 Rel 10 experiencing slow repaint issue with MDI Children
01140: Java Exception when changing Complier Settings in IDE
01001: Known issues with Java JRE versions
01220: Live Migration Cron Job Script for Virtual Licensing
01216: Localization not displaying characters correctly in Window's title bar
01172: Modification to BBj Web Start JNLP file to restrict Java versions
01149: Multi-user installation of the BASIS IDE
01104: Notes regarding Basis Advantage Article - " - a Sweet New Suite"
01028: Order the config.bbx file will be searched in BBj
01194: Pro5 Rev 8 and BBj 8.3 on AIX requires Maintenance Level 7
01065: Registration and Installation of a Redundant BASIS License using the Admin tool in BBj
00965: Running BBj consumes all available memory
01039: Sample JDBC configuration for Informix JDBC
01004: Setting the directory path where temporary files can be placed for SQL Query sorts
01231: Sluggish or Unresponsive BBj Cross Look and Feel Applications
00915: Special characters in place of the < > are written to the config.ini file upon exiting BEM for BBj 1.10
01153: Stopping BBj without prompting for a user
01175: The Uninstaller is Unable to Run in Graphical Mode
01222: Trigger Code to Determine and Log Programs Used to Access Data
01205: Troubleshooting BBj crashing
01120: Two potential problems using a 1.4.2 jre under Fedora Core 3 or higher
01209: User Authentication with WEB Start
01023: WebStart Applet Does Not Have XP Look and Feel
01232: What will USERS accept in terms of latency in an application?
01234: Why Does My CUI Application Display Slower in a Thin Client Session than in a Terrmconsole Session?
01167: Windows Vista configuration prevents editing or changing files installed to C:\program files\

BBj Enterprise Manager
00905: BBj Enterprise Manager -Unable to get catalogs for database.
01017: ERROR: java.lang.String when attempting to run BBj Enterprise Manager
00903: Frequency.dd file must pre-exist for connectivity under some UNIX operating systems

BASIC Web Utility
00718: BASIC Web Utility returns an incomplete set of HTTP headers
01124: BASIC Web utility Duplicate Name in String Template generating an error 17
00702: Program to help see what the BASIC Web Utility Environment looks like
00885: Troubleshooting Tips for the BASIC Web Utility (BWU)

00255: BBx PROGRESSION/4 is not supported under Windows NT
00344: BBx/4 WAIT function hangs with SCO
00699: File Size Limitations in BBX4
00202: Installing shared memory and semaphores
00118: Not VCPI or DPMI compatible
00613: file for PROGRESSION/4 rev 2.4
00617: file for PROGRESSION/4 rev 2.42
00033: Upgrading from PROGRESSION/3 to PROGRESSION/4 changed function keys behavior
00141: Error 0 under Novell with the following TCB(10) values: -33, 255, 30212, or 30209
00242: Error 0, TCB(10)=-13, on PROGRESSION/4 Windows when attempting to OPEN a file
00142: Error 0, TCB(10)=-33, READing a direct file with Windows for Novell PROGRESSION/4
00304: Error 200 attempting to create a Data Dictionary with a 16-bit DOS BBx
00541: Error 60, TCB(10)=-2, opening a printer under Novell with BBx 4

00525: Configuring DDBuilder to use the Data Server
00667: DDBUILDER Error: Basis Dictionary file [path\config.tpm] file did not open

License Manager
00899: 'Access is Denied' message from Windows when trying to start BLM or BBj
00806: 'Invalid or corrupt license file' error message when installing a Basis License
01014: BASIS Automatic License Installation Program
00970: BASIS License Manager (BLM) Vendor daemon died with status 28
01162: BLM issue with new BBj Itanium port
01000: BLM script incorrect
00954: BLM will not Start on Sun Solaris, FLEXlm error -16
01207: Can the BASIS License Manager run in a virtual environment?
00892: Configuring the BLM to go through a TCP/IP firewall
00950: Configuring the BLM to work with another software vendor FLEXlm License daemon
00936: Creating a basis.opt file for the BASIS License Manager
00959: Error 1067 Process Terminated Unexpectedly when starting the BLM under Win2000
00941: FLEXlm -14 when printing to a spooler
01082: FLEXlm -9 Invalid host
00744: FLEXlm corrections to ensure the BLM autostart script works under SCO, AIX and Linux
00776: FLEXlm error -15,12
00883: FLEXlm error -25 when starting or in BLM logfile
00817: FLEXlm Error -34, Clock Difference too large between Client and Server
00908: FLEXlm error -57 under Windows
00888: FLEXlm error -97 under Unix
00753: FLEXlm Error 1,359 when invoking Pro5
00736: FLEXlm Nag Mode and Background Processes
00900: FLEXlm node locks to Dial- Up Adapter when no NIC card present
00769: FLEXlm Node Locks to the Boot Drive only
00755: FLEXlm: License cannot be found / How to manually Brand the Pro5 Executable
00757: Globetrotter Bug with FlexLM Applet under Windows 95/98
00972: Helpful background information about FLEXlm license files
00824: Hostname has changed on a UNIX system running the Basis License Manager
00805: How the BLM determines whether to check out a second license.
01229: How to Disable IPv6 on Linux
00777: How to shut down the BLM without using the Install script under UNIX
00823: How to turn off logging for the Basis License Manager in Windows platforms
00881: How to turn off logging for the BASIS License Manager under Novell
00966: How to use the same Basis License Manager for BBj and Pro5
01225: Managing a BLM on a Laptop or Mobile Device Where Networks Often Change
00789: Novell BLM install Fails - out of disk space error
00793: Novell Clients get FLEXlm errors -15 or -96 trying to run VPRO/5
00834: Options available under LMUTIL program
01072: Protocol Not Supported error message starting BLM under Novell
01037: Red Hat Linux 9 and BLM 8.4
01061: Speed considerations when searching for FLEXlm license files
00964: TCP/IP Hostname Resolution and the BASIS License Manager (BLM)
00956: Troubleshooting FLEXlm error -12 on TCP/IP networks
00923: Reasons for a FLEXlm error -16
00750: FLEXlm error -17 "Cannot write data to License server"
00880: FLEXlm Error -18: Possible causes and resolutions
00818: Tips to ensure manual license file installation is correct
01049: FLEXlm error -21 or FLEXlm error -83 License File does not support this version
00807: Process to determine if someone is on SCO HOST EDITION
00870: Kernel Parameters that will help with FLEXlm error -97
00234: FLEXlm error -1,359:2 returned from status (FlexLM -15 connecting to P5 DS)
00795: Possible Reasons for FLEXlm error -5
00992: FLEXlm error - 6
00742: FLEXlm Error -96 and How to Resolve

00544: Command to get processor type under AIX
00714: Motorola (88K) Y2K Update Automatically Shipped in June 1998
00790: Naming Conventions for Hosts that use TCP/IP
00611: Unix script to link lower case files to upper case files

00689: is causing an extranous form feed
00023: Advanced examples for loading function keys
00044: Advantage article describing file locking in BBx
00572: Advantage article regarding the chklck script
00060: Alias line for printing to a file
00068: Alias to print to a file and printer simultaneously
00043: An introduction to advisory locking
00233: BBx chooses the incorrect alias line from the config.bbx file
00132: BBx compatibility with a non-Microsoft multi-user operating system
00001: BBx programs demonstrating how to communicate with a modem
00120: BBx register dumps on invocation
00271: C program that demonstrates bbx style lock method
00045: Calculating memory usage for BBx
01114: Cannot create 64-bit file on AIX enhanced journalled filesytem (64-bit)
00039: Character limit for the MODE string on an alias line
00666: Clarification of the documentation re: the command PRINT 'RGB'(hex_value)
00622: Color Xterm termcap entry for PRO/5 under Unix
00009: Comparison between MKEYED and DIRECT files
00080: Conversion: BASIC 4 2000 3000 4000 data files
00104: Conversion: Converting From Other BASICs to BBx under Unix
00095: Conversion: LISTING.BB7 modified for Open Basic
00096: Conversion: Open Basic to BBx notes
00097: Conversion: Open Basic--another modified program
00625: Converting earlier BBx applications to PRO/5
00382: Core dump under SCO Xenix with a template containing a float and/or double type
00345: Core dumps with direct and spooled printers under SCO
00362: Creating an MKEYED file with same charateristics as an existing file
00127: Decription of how the FCBCACHE config.bbx parameter works
00463: Definition of dependent and independent indices
00660: Demo program to read data from a Comma Delimited ASCII file and write the records into a BBx MKEYED file
00010: Description of MKEYED files: Bayer b-tree
00123: Displaying 132 columns
00111: DOS return codes are not valid
00780: Dynamic linker ./pro5b cannot open /usr/lib/
00052: Dynamic mkeyed file grows disproportionately large
00113: EKB and loading edit keys with a DOS BBx
00069: Escape sequence to force a laser printer to print double-sided copies
00848: Establishing Socket Connections
00801: Explanation of FLEXlm Licensing vs Foreground Background sessions of older Releases
01118: Flexlm -1 on Sun Solaris
00977: FLEXlm -3 No server for this feature
01105: FlexLM error -8, Invalid (inconsistent) license key using BASIS License Manager version 10
00079: General Instructions for Conversions
00025: General overview for 'FL', 'EL', !EDIT, !TERMS, STBL
00205: Ghostly Tales From the BBx Crypt - A Look at Ghost Tasks in Depth
00347: Graphic characters are are not displayed properly under SCO Openserver 5
00213: Graphic device alias line example
01006: Graphic, termcap, Font and attribute issues with RedHat Linux 8
00679: How to access 4 Gigabyte Files with PRO/5 2.0
00276: How to access Unix printers from a TCP/IP client
00237: How to add new users to an existing BBx license prior to PRO/5 Rev 2.1x
00195: How to bypass the I/O buffer when writing to a pipe
00361: How to calculate the size of an MKEYED file
00488: How to change the name and location of the output file created by Pro5cpl
00578: How to change Visual PRO/5's window colors so it looks like a PRO/5 for DOS
00067: How to create a printer alias, with examples for an HP laser jet
00013: How to determine the lockbyte used for a file
00189: How to determine what the TCB(10) values mean under the Unix operating system
00012: How to export your BBx data files to ASCII
00053: How to find out what level a BBx program is saved as
01031: How to force all lower case charcters using INPUTE
00628: How to improve READ/WRITE time to an ASCII file
00137: How to load the NetWare Client Kit VLMs into conventional memory
00192: How to prevent escape codes from showing up in an application when using function keys
00558: How to print an alignment page
00282: How to print images via a non-Windows BBx
00209: How to print multiple copies via a Unix printer alias line
00016: How to READ backwards after hitting the end of a mkeyed file
00017: How to READ the last key in an alternate non-unique chain
00800: How to resolve FLEXlm Error -5 with 2 products using a License Manager
00220: How to setup the CONFIG.BBX file for pseudo tty's
00680: How to tell if PRO/5 2.0x for Unix is SQL Enabled
00493: How to transfer program and data files from Unix to DOS (and vice versa)
00106: IBMCOM1.SYS drivers
00696: Incorrect TIM being returned under Linux
00758: Info(2,4) Now returns 4 byte value
00565: Information and examples for printers, pipes, and spooling
00207: Information on BBxPLOT
00686: INODE can be reused if a large number of files exist under UNIX
00639: Installation for the BASIS CD ROM disk
00894: Installing PRO/5, " syntax error in /etc/default/lang file"
00825: Instructions on upgrading to PRO5 REV 2.23 from PRO5 REV 2.10, 2.20, or 2.21 for Unix
00002: Introduction to the Openport program
00549: Linux console termcap entry
00698: LLPlus Spooler and AIX ignoring Form Feed
00019: Loading edit keys explained in detail
00024: Loading function keys explained in detail
00168: Lock of the header problem under Novell Ports
00320: Manual: INFO function
00321: Manual: SETOPTS function
00716: Maximum length of the start program name under BBx
00624: Maximum number of characters of the prefix line
00066: Maximum value for COLS on a printer alias
00048: Memory usage in called programs
00027: Miscellaneous information on loading function and edit keys
00783: Modes Available and Sample Code for TCP & UDP Sockets
00026: More function key loading examples
00819: Moving PRO/5 and the BLM after it's been installed.
00136: NetWare Client Kit optimizations and configurations for speed
00154: NetWare version of BBx hangs on invocation or Network Shell error
00483: Notes on using the _FIX utility
00015: OPENing a file takes a very long time
00700: Possible installation and Activation Problems with PRO/5 2.0x under UNIX
00502: Printer alias lines are restricted to writes only
00577: Printing a graphic using all versions of PRO/5
00847: Printing directly to a port sometimes loses the last few lines of the report.
00594: Printing to a device under UNIX results in a TCB(10)=-4
00219: Printouts to a direct Unix printer are missing the last few lines
00664: PRO/5 ignores modes when the alias line is incorrect
01053: PRO5 Rev 5 : error while loading shared libraries
01052: Pro5 Rev 5, pro5 is no longer a executable under Unix
00534: Problem printing a large file to the Unix print spooler
00499: Problem with the ALL keyword and arrays in PRO/5
00214: Problem with the lockfile mode under Unix
00028: Problems loading function keys under Unix
00022: Program to print the file access count
00887: Program to shrink MKEYED files by rewriting keys in non-sequential loop iteration.
00365: Programs demonstrating SQL access to an ODBC-defined datasource
00115: QEMM: fatal error:xms memory corrupted
00619: file for PRO/5 rev 1.05
00616: file for PRO/5 rev 1.06
00711: REV 2.03 VPRO5
00077: Reading and writing to tape in a program
00279: Reading or writing to tape via BBx or PRO/5
00018: Rebuilding corrupted MKEYED files
00232: Remapping the arrow keys in the termcap file, using a Wyse 60 as an example
00071: Removing extra form feeds when using a slave printer
00196: Running a BBx application as a daemon with I/O redirection under Unix
00545: Running BBx / PRO5 on multi-processor systems.
00552: Sample code to pack and unpack decimal numbers into IBM's packed decimal format.
00480: Sample CONFIG.TPM file for use with _DDEDIT.UTL, DDBuilder, or the ODBC Driver
00732: Sample program to convert a Julian date to the numeric week of a year
00030: Sample program to load INSERT and DELETE keys
00798: Sample Program to Send Mail Messages through PRO/5 Socket
00031: Sample programs to load function keys for INPUT, INPUTE, INPUTN verbs
00746: SCO Spooler Killing Direct Print Jobs
00064: Sending escape codes to a printer by utilizing the BO and EO mnemonics
00215: Setting the baud rate and handshaking protocol for an aliased serial device
00129: Sharing Violation, Multi-User License Not Recognized on second invocation
00055: Shortcut keys in BBx
00567: Slave ON and OFF codes for various terminals
00075: Slave printer codes for 4309, 4313, 7270, PC-LINK, and other MAI terminals
00074: Slave printer codes for ANSI or VT100 terminals
00076: Slave printing codes for WYSE 50 & 60 terminals
00122: Slow performance with DOS/Novell 386 products
00217: Spooled printers and lock files
00203: TCB(10)=-25 under Unix
00591: TCB(10)=-27 under SCO Unix
00225: Termcap entries for NCR and ADDS Viewpoint terminals
00826: Termcap entry for Unixware 7 - AT386
00227: Termcap for Hewlett Packard 700/92
00228: Termcap for Wyse 30
00236: The TIM variable reports a different time than the Operating System
00253: Tip for using the 'BU' mnemonic
00204: Troubleshooting activation problems
00230: Troubleshooting printer problems under Unix
00050: Troubleshooting startup failures in BBx
00307: Troubleshooting TCP/IP connections to the Data Server via the TCP/IP Client or the ODBC Driver
00553: Unix operating system parameters that impact PRO/5
00221: Unix scripts to dynamically assign a FID(0)
00190: Unix shell script to automatically assign unique FID(0)'s to Facetterm sessions
00057: Unprotecting BBx programs
00865: User Defined Functions to return Date of Week from Week Number entered and Week Number from Date Entered
00058: Using BBx as a parser with input and output pipes
00134: Using environmental variables in the CONFIG.BBX file
00836: Using Facetterm: All screens just lockup with the value "\E\Ettyname" on the screen
00229: Using stty to modify the system interrupt under Unix
00059: Using the 'TR' mnemonic to read in the current screen
00285: VSI-FAX alias example
00034: What is the maximum length for a global string table name?
00317: When a telnet session is killed or a modem line is dropped, a running BBx application will not exit properly
00231: Wyse 325 color termcap entry
00990: Xterm Color termcap for Linux
00072: Error 0 after printing a few pages
00108: Error 0, TCB(10)=-101
00241: Error 0, TCB(10)=-101, occurs on Windows when creating a file
00003: Error 0, TCB(10)=-13, when accessing a file on an NFS mounted drive
00153: Error 0, TCB(10)=-32, when removing a directory under Windows NT
00107: ERROR 0, TCB(10)=-33
00004: Error 0, TCB(10)=-33, OPENing files due to single-user license
01107: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing to spooler in AIX
00210: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing under Unix
00719: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing under Unix to a remote spooler
00863: FCBCache turned on disallows file type changes.
00126: Error=0 or 60 under Lantastic network
00799: After upgrade a report with greater than 80 columns used to work returns an Error=1
00631: Printing a long string to the printer generates an ERROR=1 (end of record), TCB (10)=2
00379: The default COLS= value changed in PRO/5 rev 1.04
00041: Error 12 when using _DDEDIT.UTL
00117: Opening a /dev/lpt printer alias may return an error or the print job disappears
00668: Opening a file under Novell may result in an error 18 instead of an error 12 after updating the product, OS, or client kit
00377: Error 13 occurs when attempting to edit a line in IO mode
00635: Reading a file on a CD returns ERROR=13
00188: Error 16, TCB(10)=-46 or -49, under Unix: TCB(10)=--37 under Linux - No Record Locks Available
00872: ERROR 16, TCB(10)=-46, on UnixWare when FLCKREC is maxed
00187: Error 16, TCB(10)=17, on an OPEN of a pipe under Unix
00560: How to calculate the optimal value of the config.bbx file's STBLEN parameter
00280: Possible causes for a BBx error 16
00595: TCB(10)=-4 under DOS, Too Many Open Files
00584: Error 17 when trying to load a program
00145: Error 17, TCB(10)=-15 or -21, when creating a file
00867: Error=17 occurs if the IP Address is used instead of hostname with TCP Client
00183: Setting the context for a Novell printer on the nspool alias line
00146: Error 18, TCB(10)=-5, when creating files on Novell NetWare
00476: Possible reasons for an ERROR 18
00636: Attempting to convert a file in _p4conv causes an Error 2
00721: Error 2 when reading or writing a file
00206: Fine tuning Xenix/Unix
00083: Error 26 at line 7060 in BXRCV
00820: Error=26 in BXRCV on Line 2140 indicates bad utility set
00005: ERROR=29 occurs when trying to send an escape sequence to a printer
00056: "ERROR= 30 (BAD PROGRAM)", when trying to run _ddedit.utl
00147: List of possible reasons for Error 30
00512: Error 33 - How to free up conventional memory in DOS
00020: Error 33 loading functions keys with the 'FL' mnemonic
00651: ERROR 33 when creating a window via the 'WINDOW' mnemonic
00482: ERROR 33 when invoking PRO/5 under UNIX
00724: Error 36 Call/Enter Mismatch
00042: ERROR=4 (DISK/DEVICE NOT READY) when trying to run the _ddedit.utl utility
00582: Possible reasons for an ERROR 4
00519: Possible reasons for an ERROR 41
00650: Error 46 when executing a BBx SELECT with a SORTBY clause
00007: Error 46, TCB(10)=60, on a SELECT statement
00641: Possible cause of an !Error 46 when attempting to write to an MKEYED file
00369: PRO/5 SELECT verb fails with an Error 46
00478: Error 47 when viewing records in DDEDIT
00479: Error 49 when running _DDEDIT
00149: Error 60, TCB(10)=30209, 35327, 255, OPENing an nspool printer
00537: Error=60, TCB(10)=-1, when OPENing a file on a DOS or Windows platform
00813: Error 7's with PRO5 Rev 2.x and higher
00109: File corruption under DOS, Windows, Novell
00407: Error 77, SQLERR() function returns an empty string
00570: ERROR=77 (SQL connect or execution failed). Execute error: template/field error when executing an SQL Update
00438: List of possible causes for an FSLOAD Error 13
00472: FSLOAD error 17 after adding an alias to the config.bbx file
00006: fs load err=30 - PRO/5: unable to open channel 0
00723: Fsload error 34 when installing Pro5 under Unix
00536: 'Semaphore Initialization Failure' when running a PRO/5 1.05 on Unix
00152: FSLoad Error 70--too many users under Novell NetWare
00021: Solving an FSLoad Error 70 on Unix
00135: The Bindery vs. Directory Services

PRO/5 Data Server
01223: !ERROR=18 (Illegal operation or permission denied (tcb(10)=-5)) Attempting to Open a File Via the PRO/5 Data Server on Windows
01224: !ERROR=70 (Network user error) Opening Channel to PRO/5 Data Server on Unix
00130: A Unix Data Server is being repeatedly killed by the operating system
00722: Adding a second DNS or LMHOSTS Entry for resolving Host Name
00275: Addressing performance problems with the TCP/IP Client and the Data Server
00262: Cannot start the Data Server due to a 'gethostbyname failure'
00924: Config.bbx parameters for Pro5 Data Server connecting to BBj Data Server
00623: Data Server keeps files open after client abruptly shuts down
00984: Enhancing Your Data Server Configuration
01240: Error 12 TCB(10)=13 attempting to open file via Pro5 Data Server
00720: Error 2140: An internal Windows NT error occured when starting the PRO/5 NT Data Server as a service
00264: Error binding stream socket: address already in use, when using the Data Server
00520: Guidelines for configuring the NT Data Server
00266: How much memory does the Unix Data Server use?
00642: How to perform an SCALL to a Data Server that calls a UNIX Script
00713: Mapped drive performance is slow for more than one user
00678: NT Data Server no longer has issues with DHCP as of version 2.0
00949: PRO/5 Data Server for NT and Visual PRO/5 performance information
00426: READ.ME for PRO/5 Data Server (TM) for Windows NT REV. 1.05
00707: Release Notes for Data Server NT REV 2.02
00712: Release Notes Rev 2.03 Data Server
00763: Rev 2.20 PRO5 Data Server when invoking states Field Test
00589: TCB(10)=-10061 or RUSEROK Failure in Data Server Log
00340: Tests for troubleshooting the Novell Data Server
00705: UNIX Data Server speed is really slow with reads/writes or large records, but very fast when dealing with smaller records
00590: Winsock error 10044, ESOCKTNOSUPPORT issued when starting the PRO/5 NT Data Server -10044
00259: Opening a file via the Data Server under Unix results in an Error 0, TCB(10)=-115
00492: Error 12 when trying to OPEN a file via the Data Server
00543: SNMP.NLM corrupting CLIB.NLM causing Novell Data Server to fail with an Error 12
00748: Error 18 or 13 when trying to erase, create or write to file via Data Server under NT.
00586: ERROR=151 accessing Data Server
00910: Error 33 opening a file via the Novell Data Server
00180: Error 60, TCB(10)=-161, opening a file via the Data Server
00078: Error 60, TCB(10)=1, when opening a file via the Data Server
00490: Error 69 when accessing Data Server with the Visual PRO/5 Client
00265: Error 70 when trying to open a file via the Data Server
00557: Error 72, TCB(10)=-10054, error getting packet size (Winsock error 10038)
00260: How to solve an error 72, gethostbyaddr failure
00897: Error 8 connecting to PRO/5 Data Server (also seen as fserr=9)
00433: Error 8, accessing file via Data Server


01060: Using ResBuilder to build graphical screens isn't displaying the Properties page for forms and controls within ResBuilder

TAOS: The Developers Workbench
00442: 'DPMI failed to enter protected mode' when compiling a TAOS procedure
00453: _outdev.utl doesn't print compressed
00528: Compiled TAOS form is named with two extensions
00535: Compiling a TAOS procedure larger than 64kb receives "fatal error--out of program buffer space--use -m switch"
00443: How to brand the Taos Compiler executable by hand
00440: In Taos, a header displays on the screen as well as in a printout
00437: Missing 'tc' with TAOS 1.3 on AIX
00452: Notes regarding TAOS upgrade to rev 1.31
00527: TAOS form and procedure size limits
00743: Unable to Compile Taos Procedure
00762: What are the .bba and .fba files under TAOS
00173: BBX4CPL.EXE: Fatal error - unable to open file when compiling
00436: Error 1 when branding TAOS on AIX
00944: Installing TAOS on Red Hat Linux causing error
00454: Tips for troubleshooting a TAOS 1.31 install

Typical BBj Load Balanced and HA Cluster Deployment

Visual PRO/5
00593: After installation, invocation of Visual PRO/5 returns Checksum Error
01218: After upgrading to VPRO/5 10.00 or higher, GUIBuilder-generated applications fail with an error
00240: Call to undefined dynalink error when invoking a Windows product
00139: Cannot find NWCALLS.DLL or CALWIN32.DLL error message when trying to run VPRO/5 on Novell
00830: Cannot print in landscape orientation
00618: Causes of "unknown fileset errors" during installation of a Windows product
00995: Computer infected with virus can lose drive mappings causing VP5 to return errors
00352: Control-Break no longer works under Windows 95
00785: Creating a multiple image list file - (image.bmp file)
00385: DDE topics and items for Program Manager
00386: DDE topics and items for web browsers
00741: Error 115 returned when installing P5 2.1 without long filename support
01164: Error 12 opening device or printer alias line on Windows platforms.
00849: Error=150 - Verb not implemented or supported when using BACKGROUND verb
00485: Example code showing how to read and write to an MS Access Data Base from Visual PRO/5
00985: Explanation of time interval for short cues to disappear
00415: Failure to open a resource file due to inadequate permissions
00925: FLEXlm error -12 connecting from VPRO/5 rev 3.10 client to a Novell BLM
01133: Function Key sample for adding F10 & CTRL+C to the bindings for the RESTORE command.
00738: GPF in gdi.exe when starting Visual PRO/5 1.05
00518: GPF in WSOCK32.DLL using the ODBC Driver or Visual PRO/5 TCP/IP Client
00877: GRID cells seem to loose data, or Grid doesn't seem to scroll correctly through all the data
00174: GUI program that demonstrates the use of PLOTTEXT
00759: GUIBuilder Functions for Reading and Updating the Screen: Setting and Querying List Selections
00672: How the ACTW.EXE program changed for BASIS Windows-based revision 2.0 products
00250: How to capture a printer port under older versions of Windows
00358: How to capture a printer port under Windows NT, Win2000, XP, Vista
00410: How to change the font with a sysplot device
00062: How to determine the CPI and POINT size of the SYSPRINTer's font
00353: How to determine the version of Windows 95
00644: How to easily change the fonts for all controls in a GUI window
00629: How to find out how a Windows machine's TCP/IP stack is configured
00626: How to immediately view a report that has been printed to a file
00627: How to prevent BBx for Novell from destroying an existing print capture
00703: How to Print to a File Using Universal Naming Convention (UNC)
00701: How to revert to the older, character based model of editing a line of Visual PRO/5 code.
00559: How to set the icon for the Visual PRO/5 Window
00927: How to use an ampersand within the text field of a button
00167: How to use the 'FONT' mnemonic/mode in a program and in an alias line for a SYSPRINT device
01026: Install Sheild error: Data Transfer Error 106
01076: Instructions on running Vpro5 silent install
00548: Is Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support under Visual PRO/5?
00394: List of .dlls used by Visual PRO/5 under Windows 95
00417: List of possible SYSWINDOW modes
00182: Long startup times or invocation of TCP/IP Visual PRO/5 client dials CIS or PPP server
00886: Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC
00598: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-112, Disk Full
00610: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-21, drive not ready
00600: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-53, bad netpath
00601: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-59, unexpected network error
00787: Netware client GPF's when trying to check out a license under NOVELL 5.0
00513: Notes on PC-Anywhere remote printing and Visual PRO/5
00792: Novell BASIS.NLM will not load
00638: Novell Client 32:Error and Update Information
00607: Novell, TCB(10)-88, ERROR_OPENING_FILE
00418: Obtaining information about a context in Visual PRO/5
00398: On Windows 3.x, executing Visual PRO/5 causes the screen to blink for a second then go away
00643: Overview of how to setup the Visual PRO/5 SQL Engine to communicate with an external ODBC Driver
00988: Print Preview error "Invalid argument, unable to find path to Metafile"
00412: Printing a bitmap image using Visual PRO/5 1.05
00677: Printing SQLTABLES(sqlchan) does not return any table names for data sources listed in the SQL.INI file
00938: PRO5DS will not load on a Mirrored Novell server system
00694: Problem with Windows 98 and the Microsoft Client for NetWare
00393: Program demonstrating the use of fonts for GUI controls
00389: Program example demonstrating communicating with MS Excel via DDE
00390: Program example demonstrating DDE to Program Manager
00391: Program example demonstrating Visual PRO/5 running a WordPerfect macro via DDE
00838: Recommendations for improving performance when remotely connecting to a Windows NT 4.0 Server
00368: Redirecting printer output to /dev/null under Windows 95
01163: Running Vpro5 from a mapped drive in Vista
00745: Sample Program Using Plottext and Pwindow to Change Font on Printed line
00508: Sample Visual PRO/5 program that prints all the fonts installed on the system
00853: Setting background color in a main or child window
00731: Setting Multiple Row Values for the Grid Control
00278: Setting SYSWINDOW to display more than 80 columns
00416: Specifying a path to resource files or bitmap images
00688: Status Bar Sample code
00814: Switches to restrict VPRO/5's SQL engine to search native Databases or ODBC Databases.
00176: Synchronous SCALL versus asynchronous SCALL
00676: The Windows Dial Up Adaptor Dialog always comes up with the first connection to a Data Server
00124: This version of MSVCRT40.DLL is not compatible with Win32s
00768: Troubleshooting Novell BLM Configuration issues
00413: Unable to print more then 85 columns using the Generic Text printer driver
00839: Unloading BASIS.nlm causes error
00521: Using 'ENDSPOOL' mode with a SYSPRINT device
00653: Using the 'FONT' mnemonic to affect the size of COLS and ROWS
00396: Using the -a and -n Visual PRO/5 command line parameters to retain user preferences
00419: Using the CTRL() function to obtain printer information
00715: Visual PRO/5 runs on Citrix and Windows NT 4.0 Systems
00932: Vpro5 Console displays a dot under every character
00681: Vpro5 Rev 2.x writes information previously contained in PRO5.INI to the Registry
00556: When using a SYSPRINT printer, an undesired formfeed is sent after each page
00832: Windows 2000 and Visual PRO/5 rev 2.22
00597: Windows Clients appear to hang during file access
00770: FLEXlm Error -18 Under Novell Netware 4.2
00248: Error 0 when OPENing the same file using different naming conventions
00364: Error 0, TCB(10)=-33, when opening a file twice via different names or cases
00422: Error 0, TCB(10)=-36 or -32, when OPENing a file under Windows for Workgroups
01011: Error=0, tcb(10)=-32 calling a program in VPRO/5
00602: Occasional Error 0's with a TCB(10)=30209 on Novell
00484: _FLIST.UTL or other utilities report an error 1
00772: Error 11, TCB(10)=-87 or TCB(10)=-1801 opening a sysprint printer
00829: !ERROR=12 and `RESOURCE' Mnemonic
00157: Error 12 using the Novell 32bit Client Kit for Windows 95
00822: ORA-12154 error trying to SQLOPEN an Oracle Datasource from Visual PRO/5
00952: Error 13 TCB(10) -4104 when opening a printer
00609: Opening a printer results in an ERROR=14, TCB(10)=-3 under Windows
00684: 'RESOPEN' on a .brc file causes an Error 17 TCB(10)=-2 in Visual PRO/5 version 1.0x
00879: Error 17 using CHDIR in Vpro5
00633: Error 18, TCB(10)=-5, Access Denied using any Windows PRO/5
00604: Error 18, TCB(10)=-5, Access Denied, under MS DOS, Windows, and Novell during file access
00381: Error=18, TCB(10)=-5, when opening an LPT device
00802: Error=29 using FONT Mnemonic with a SYSPRINT Device
00645: Error 41 opening a sysprint device
00869: Error 46 on SENDMSG 80 binding to a Data Aware Grid
00614: Error 60, TCB(10)=-16389, during a DDE write
00388: Error 60, TCB=-16389, using DDE with Visual PRO/5
00555: Error 70 using DDE
00895: Known Issues with the Novell 2.71 client kit for NT/Win2000

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